Civil + Commercial Litigation

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We will be pleased to help you with a wide range of commercial and contractual disputes before the relevant Court. The lawyer who wrote the contract is not necessarily the best lawyer to argue the contract: if you are facing a legal liability or seeking a remedy from the Courts, retain litigation counsel for best results.

Employment Disputes

Employment law goes well beyond the Employment Standards Act. Whether you are an employer who needs to ensure you are meeting your legal obligations or an employee who is suffering from unjust dismissal or other unlawful conduct, our lawyers are dedicated to obtaining swift and just resolution of employment disputes so that everyone can get back to work.

Commercial Drafting

We can provide assistance with all your commercial and legal needs from the incorporation to the sale of your business, and everything along the way: purchase and sale of a business; purchase and sale of shares in a corporation; employment contracts; non-disclosure and non-compete agreements; general or specific security agreements; shareholder and partnership agreements; accounts receivable recovery; and independent legal advice. The best lawsuit is no lawsuit at all: make sure you take steps to protect your interests before problems occur.

Small Claims

With the jurisdiction of the Small Claims Courts raised to $25,000.00, a far greater number of commercial disputes will fall within its jurisdiction. The Small Claims Court is designed for use by non-lawyers, and provides very little compensation to parties for their legal expense. Therefore, we accept carriage of small claims only in exceptional circumstances: it is difficult to pursue most small claims through counsel in a cost-effective manner, and as counsel our primary duty is to ensure that you receive sound advice but also economically efficient advice. There are, however, particular points of leverage in the Small Claims process at which judicious expenditure on counsel’s advice can have a dramatic impact, and at those points we have been pleased to intervene and help ensure the right outcome is achieved at the right cost.