On behalf of the Forwarderlaw Network I want to extend my thanks and sincerest gratitude to the Antwerp Freight Forwarders’ Association “VEA”, for hosting our conference on “Law and Logistics: The Way Forward” on 12-13 October in Antwerp.

The conference was superbly organized and managed, and the venue was excellent. I believe that the presentations went well and were both informative and well-received by the audience. The program also provided excellent opportunities for networking, both among the attendees and between the guests and our Forwarderlaw lawyers.

We also extend our thanks to Clecat, to FLOWS, and to the conference sponsors Post + Co. and Vanbreda Risk + Benefits, without whose generous support it would not have been possible. On a more personal note I would like to thank Mr. Olivier Schoenmaeckers and his team for their kindness and welcoming attitude, and for introducing us to their beautiful, historic, and thriving city.