Mediation & Arbitration


Mediation is often a faster and less expensive way for parties to a dispute to find a resolution. Many litigants find value in the process of making their side of the story heard, and frank, confidential discussions through an intermediary early in a lawsuit can resolve specific issues or entire matters. Even parties that appear to be completely at odds with no area of compromise in sight can often find common ground and settle a dispute with the assistance of a skilled and experienced mediator.

Because of its value in resolving matters early, mediation is mandatory in civil matters brought before the Superior Court in Toronto.

Half- and Full-day mediations for two parties start at $1200 and $2000; for scheduling or to inquire about multi-party or extended duration mediations, contact us directly.


Arbitration is more and more frequently required as an element of employment contracts, service agreements, and contracts for carriage, to name just a few. Arbitration clauses in commercial agreements are generally enforceable, as are the determinations of arbitral tribunals, and it is therefore of utmost important for parties to treat arbitration just like litigation and obtain prompt legal advice.

In addition, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) recently published its updated ICC Rules of Arbitration 2021, which are now in force as between parties who agreed to submit to arbitration under the ICC Rules.

Whether you require advocacy on arbitration, or wish to hold an arbitration in Toronto under the ICC Rules or otherwise, we’re here to help.