The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) published Customs Notice 17-15 yesterday, which delays the mandatory implementation date for the e-Manifest program indefinitely. This expected announcement replaces Notice 16-23, under which e-Manifest would have been mandatory for all filings beginning 1 July.

“To provide time for the CBSA to fully test and implement enhanced electronic house bill system functionality,” the voluntary implementation of e-Manifest will continue for at least one year. A new mandatory implementation date has not been set and will be the subject of a future Notice; the earliest date for this transition is now 1 June 2017. Additionally, the CBSA remains committed to providing a 6-month period in which Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPs) will be zero-rated (e.g., errors in electronic filings will be noted but no fines will be levied for those errors).

For the time being, Forwarders may continue to use the e-Manifest program if their implementation is going smoothly, or they may revert to legacy documentation, but they should not do both, as a mixture of electronic and paper filings on a shipment or consolidation will certainly result in confusion and potentially delay.

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