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Welcome to Magrath’s International Legal Counsel

Based in Toronto, Canada, Gavin Magrath practices law and provides international counsel in a number of areas:

Maritime and Transportation Law: We advise foreign and domestic clients on admiralty, maritime, and transportation claims and litigation in the Superior and Federal Courts, in arbitrations, and before tribunals. I also assist other counsel in litigation involving, inter alia, conflict of laws, issues of forum or jurisdiction, or application of Conventions or international maritime law.

Public Interest and Pro Bono: We provide research, advocacy, and litigation support in respect of international human rights and humanitarian law, as well as pro bono support to local charitable and artistic organizations.

Civil and Commercial Litigation: In the Ontario courts, more than 98% of claims settle prior to trial. While trial advocacy remains central to our practice, we assist enterprises from local to global with civil and commercial liability, focusing on the role of successive litigation or dispute resolution steps as levers for obtaining favourable outcomes.