Gavin Magrath attended the 2008 IE Canada trade show and conference held from 22-24 October 2007 at the Doubletree International Plaza, Mississauga, Ontario, to speak with a panel on the subject of air cargo security and the development of the Transport Canada regulated agent plan.

“Security continues to be the driving force behind industry change, and this change is fundamental to the business, unlike the recent turbulence caused by currency fluctuations,” Gavin noted. “While neither the infrastructure nor the expertise is presently in place, I think that industry players need to be looking towards a time when there will be 100% cargo screening, and even 100% inspection. This is not science-fiction, but rather a virtual certainty in the medium-term. It’s important to work with industry colleagues to ensure that the burdens associated with this change are borne fairly, and to make sure that Canadian industry is not smothered by over-regulation.”

The panel was chaired by Mike Zozula, Executive Director of the Canadian International Freight Forwarders’ Association (CIFFA), and also included Stephen Conrad of Transport Canada, Michael Morey of Air Canada Cargo, and Ron Lennox of the Canadian Trucking Alliance. For more information contact Gavin Magrath.